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The TruCure Difference

Why TruCure CBD?

TruCure’s hemp is organically grown and farmed in the United States. Hemp cultivated in the U.S. produces a strong CBD profile comprised of many other therapeutic cannabinoids, terpenes and lipids of the highest quality and potency.

The Hemp plant naturally has nominal traces of THC, an amount that could never produce an intoxicating effect. We take additional measures and entirely remove the THC from our products.

Our farmers are leaders in the industry, selecting the perfect strain to produce the highly-effective CBD and cannabinoid profiles to ensure product consistency. TruCure’s organic practices are carried out throughout the entire cultivation and extraction process.

Our product is obtained through a complex CO2 extraction process. This method is the healthiest and most unadulterated way to extract CBD from the plant, eliminating toxic contaminants, yielding a Full Spectrum CBD.

Full Spectrum CBD is an amalgamation of high quantity CBD, and many assorted cannabinoids synergistically working together to create the Entourage Effect. The Entourage Effect is a result of all the diverse cannabinoids biologically empowering CBD to bring about maximum therapeutic efficacy.

As the demand for CBD continues to grow, a less effective and inexpensive line of products known as CBD Isolates will appear more often in the market place.  CBD Isolates do not contain any of the necessary cannabinoids to create the synergistic Entourage Effect that can bring about optimal health.

The CBD market is new and most brands are novice endeavors gouging the market with subpar CBD products.  Uneducated consumers are then left to guess whether or not a product is wholesome.

In response to this trend a third party lab tests all TruCure products.  The lab results are posted to our website.  Customers can then verify purity levels for themselves.

TruCure CBD’s strength and effectiveness is topmost.  We take pride in our pure, holistic CBD products, and are confident you will physically and mentally benefit from their use.  You can always depend on TruCure to provide the cleanest and most robust natural medicines the earth has to offer.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase your money will be returned. No questions asked. 100% guarantee.

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