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Cornelia Steinmetz

Not only does the product have a pleasant smell of eucalyptus & peppermint, but it also helps relieve pain in my thumb joints caused by Osteoarthritis & tension headaches.

My parents are in their 90's and live in Germany. I purchase TruCure CBD products and send the Cream and Oils to them regularly. They have experienced a decrease in chronic pain caused by degenerative Joint Disease. I am a nurse of 30yrs and very well in tune with naturopathic solutions. This is truly a phenomenal product.


Kait Dyment

This lip balm is a must have! I always have one with me at all times. It’s part of my essentials given how miraculously it heals severe dry and chapped lips from the sun and harsh cold winters. I always use it as a base before applying lip gloss and definitely before bed to provide overnight protection from the furnace heat this time of the year. It has provided complete healing within 24 hours. I can’t live without this product! Highly recommend!

And another one as this is a true story: I’m writing this review on behalf of my boyfriend who unfortunately battles cold sores at times of sickness or high stress. I gave him my lip balm and told him to apply it frequently, curious as to how it would work on the sore. He was highly impressed by the smoothing comfort experienced and how quickly it started to heal! Unlike anything, he has tried before!

Burlington, Ontario CA



I heard about TruCure from a close friend of mine. I had a bad injury to my shoulder from a mountain bike spill I took. Was a pretty gnarly digger I took right into the shoulder. I have been taking everything under the sun and most were 5 min sensations but not actually relieving the pain. Nothing was helping me. I took my friends advice and gave the cream a shot. No joke, within 15 min I felt a huge relief and was actually able to move my arm around. I'm not sure what mix of voodoo ingredients they put in this stuff, but it works. Smells great, love the eucalyptus!


Lori McBride

I have been using the cream and oils for several months now. Product works amazing for the pain I have in my joints and the stress headaches I get on a regular basis. I am an artist and regularly get pain in my wrists, shoulders, and arms. I rub the cream on and usually within 10-15 min I am almost completely pain-free. I have yet to use anything like this with these results, other than toxic NSAIDs or Opioids which I refuse to take. I have since told all my family members and they have experienced the same lasting results. Doubters are now believers. Thanks so much for an excellent product!


Deborah Ward

I feel grateful to use TruCure oils and Creams in my daily routine, where I’ve noticed more relaxed muscle movement and even more range of motion and feeling in my body - which is a blessing as I age. In addition, I enjoy the lightness of the lavender essence and natural scents.

Laguna Beach, CA 



I tore my meniscus back in February and could not walk. I started using TruCure CBD oil orally and the cream topically, the oil was a huge help instantly. it even helped with sleep. The Surgeon recommended surgery but I decided to hold off, instead, I started using CBD cream. I used it every day after icing my knee and now I need no surgery because I have no pain and I am back doing sports again five days a week.


Lauren Polley

I have a 15 1⁄2-year-old Coton who has severe arthritis. It is extremely difficult for her to walk. I started giving her CBD for Pets a year ago and within a week she was able to walk around without pain.

I also have a 3-year-old male Portuguese Water Dog who is extremely anxious and hyper. I started giving him the CBD and it calms him down significantly.

When I give it to him before he goes to bed at night he seems to sleep better and does not wake up barking at every sound he hears. It has made my life so much better.


Laguna Beach, CA


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