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Taking CBD

How Do I Take CBD?

There are various ways to ingest CBD. The common methods are:

-Tinctures (oil droppers, under the tongue)
-Gel capsules
-Topical creams & salves
-Skin roll-ons
-Lip balms

      CBD can address many different medical issues and maladies, resulting in specific dosing protocol for individual users. Rest assured it is not possible to consume hazardous amounts while fine-tuning your dose.

      As a starter, when it comes to taking an oral tincture or capsule, an introductory dose should be around 15-30mg. Wait approximately 30 to 45 min. If symptom relief is not achieved increase the dose by an additional 15mg. Wait another 30 to 45 minutes. Continue this dosage process until you feel restored.

      When administering topical creams and salves make sure the product is evenly distributed over the affected area.


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