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What to Look for When Buying CBD Online

How to Buy CBD Online

More studies and healthcare professionals are championing the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) products and their use for reducing inflammation, alleviating physical and emotional pain, and even managing the symptoms of more chronic, severe illnesses such as epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and cancer.

As CBD grows in popularity, so does the number of forms it is available in. While edibles, capsules, and vapes are becoming increasingly popular, CBD oil is still the preferred application method of many users. CBD oil offers full body relief through oral consumption and offers you the luxury of adjusting your dosages.

Purchasing the right CBD products can be overwhelming for first-time buyers of CBD oil online. If you’re looking to buy CBD online oil and don’t know where to start, here’s what you should know.

Reliably Sourced Hemp

It doesn’t take a far slip down the rabbit hole of comment sections or message boards to come across conflicting information about CBD products. This makes it extremely important to understand what you’re buying, and how CBD products are sourced from hemp.

Hemp plants are bioaccumulating plants, meaning that they can absorb the particles from their surrounding environment like a sponge. This makes it vital to ensure that your CBD oil (like any produce) was derived from a healthy, organic, ethically-grown source. Any company hypocritically touting the “healthy therapeutic relief” or “cancer treating capability” of their CBD while using hemp sourced with unclean water, impure soil, or carcinogenic pesticides and herbicides is offering an ironic, cruel disservice to their customers.

Beyond how the hemp was grown, another concern to be mindful of is how the CBD is being extracted from the hemp. The crudest, cheapest extraction methods often involve solvents and pollutants which can contaminate the CBD oil with chemical remnants. If you want to purchase the healthiest option for yourself and your environmental footprint, look for CBD hemp oil made with high-pressure CO2 extraction: it lets in no contaminants, generally uses no other gases or chemicals, and is already a trusted, commonly used solvent in popular agricultural products.

CBD Concentration

It’s not necessarily essential for your CBD oil to be comprised of 100% pure CBD (we’ll elaborate on that later), but when shopping for CBD oil, it’s important that you’re actually getting what you pay for. In a 2015 study, researchers in San Francisco tested 75 CBD products and found that a mere 17% of those products had labeled their cannabinoid content accurately. Granted, that study was conducted three years ago and focused mainly on edibles, but over half of those products having lower extract than advertised is a little disconcerting.

If you’re seeking more potent effects, be mindful of CBD oil concentration. An optimal concentration for strong relief typically ranges from 200-1000 mg per fluid ounce; the ounce distinction is important because a concentrate-heavy sounding bottle (400 mg for example) can still have weaker concentration per ounce. Another factor to be mindful of when assessing CBD strength is the oil’s bioavailability or fat content.

For obvious reasons, hemp seed oil might inherently sound like the best CBD carrier, but it’s actually one of the weaker CBD carriers on the market. In order for your body to process most of the CBD taken in, it must be infused with a separate carrier oil high in fat molecules; coconut (MCT) oil is one of the best carriers for this reason, as well as its own natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. For the ultimate be-all end-all of verifiable high concentration CBD oil, look for companies that list it per ounce and with third-party lab test results to back it up.

CBD Oil or Tincture?

When seeking out CBD oil to order online, first-time buyers might be confused about the difference between tincture oil and regular CBD oil because of their similar appearance. In many ways, they do share similarities, though there are also a few distinct differences consumers should pay attention to, the main one being how the CBD is extracted: whereas CBD oil extracts directly from the hemp plant, tinctures are infused with a solution of distilled alcohol.

Tincture products are often cheaper, but the alcohol distillation process used in the production of tinctures weakens their CBD concentration and thus the therapeutic relief they offer. CBD oil with a highly fat-soluble carrier loses no concentration and no therapeutic relief.

Full Spectrum CBD or Isolate?

Before buyers decide to make that fateful click to purchase though, they should look for another distinction on the online product description: is the CBD oil full spectrum or isolate?

Check out our full spectrum vs CBD isolate blog devoted to comparing the advantages and disadvantages of full spectrum and CBD isolates in detail. Long story short, if you want the most relief, order full spectrum. Numerous scientific studies attest to the extra benefits offered by full spectrum CBD; the extra lipids, terpenes, and cannabinoids work in conjunction to offer an “entourage effect”, magnifying the relief of the CBD oil.

Purchasing any brand or type of CBD oil online can present its own set of daunting questions. If you’d like more information about our TruCure Full Spectrum CBD oil please contact us and we’d be happy to provide you with more information about our products and choose the one that is right for you.

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