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TruCure: A Leading Alternative to Charlotte's Web, MedTerra, and CBDistillery

The market for CBD products is bigger than ever before, with the market alone projected to exceed $22 billion by 2022, according to the Brightfield Group.

In such a booming industry, there are new CBD brands popping up left and right. Having such a wide market of versatile options for your therapeutic wellness is an incredible thing, but it can also be overwhelming to sift through the competition until you find the product or brand that’s right for you.

You’ve got quite a few mainstream competitors to choose from, such as Charlotte’s Web, MedTerra, or CBDistillery, and each has their own, respective, undeniable merits.

That being said, only one of these new competitors offers a combination of THC-free, full spectrum, pure co2 extraction processes, third-party lab testing, and affordable, 100% organic CBD products. That brand is TruCure CBD.

More consumers are beginning to reap the benefits of our products, and we hope you will too. There’s a reason we call it the TruCure Difference, several reasons in fact, and we would love for you to experience those reasons firsthand. But, before you buy, read on to learn more about what sets us apart from the competition.

Full Spectrum CBD

All of the above retailers distribute a fairly solid array of pure isolate and full spectrum CBD products. CBD, of course, is one of many chemical compound derivatives from cannabis, known as cannabinoids. Research demonstrates that CBD functions optimally in conjunction with other cannabinoids, creating a synergistic Entourage Effect of therapeutic relief.

We highly recommend that consumers opt for full spectrum over isolate CBD for maximum benefits. Some full spectrum CBD products carry trace amounts of THC. Unlike Charlotte’s Web, MedTerra, or CBDistillery, our proprietary product offers the benefits of a full spectrum cannabinoid, lipid, and terpenes without the THC. Go Full Spectrum, and go stress-free with The TruCure Difference.

Verifiably Organic CBD

MedTerra is commendably sourced 100% organically from farms in Kentucky, strictly abiding by local state laws and regulations to deliver a pesticide, herbicide, GMO, and contaminant-free product.

However, both CBDistillery and Charlotte’s Web’s website emphasizes the nebulous disclaimer caveats of utilizing “organic practices”, without certification. All of these products utilize third-party testing, and with the exception of Charlotte’s Web (which implements alcohol), pure co2 extraction free of harmful pollutants or solvents. At TruCure, we turn practice into certified principle.

Each of our full-spectrum oil bottles are third-party lab tested to be of the highest, utmost quality. We strive to perform everything in our power to ensure that our customers receive the strongest, safest, most reliable, and highest quality products they can. If you still hold any reservations or doubts, see our independent, third-party lab results for yourself.

Affordable CBD

Navigating the vast landscape of the CBD market can be a stressful, daunting, and confusing task for those who are new to purchasing CBD online. There is a whirlwind of factors that consumers need to make a concerted effort to look for or avoid.

CBD is sold in a variety of topicals, capsules, and oils, but only oils offer you the luxury of versatility. If you’re new to CBD, you don’t need to shell out your whole wallet in one go; you can always start low and go slow to find the right dose.

At TruCure, we are happy to offer 250mg starter bottles of full spectrum oil at the affordable price of $39.99, far cheaper than many of our competitors. That is 50 more milligrams than what Charlotte’s Web offers at the same price, and a lighter starter dose than MedTerra, who only offers a minimum 500 milligrams of their CBD oil tincture.

Discover the TruCure difference today and visit our shop here. If you have any further inquiries, please call 855-787-8287 or email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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