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CBD and Massage Therapy

Why You Should Use CBD During Your Next Massage

A good massage can be an incredible way to combat the symptoms of chronic pain, psychological stress, and even palliate the suffering of terminal illness. When done right, massage induces a natural “relaxation response” in the muscles, nerves, and tendons, lowering the heart rate, blood pressure, stress hormone production, and breath to a relaxed pace.

On their own, massages can be an extremely therapeutic and beneficial experience for the body. Even so, why wouldn’t anyone want to have those therapeutic benefits enhanced even further? More massage therapists are starting to infuse cannabidiol (CBD) into their practice, capturing the high-profile attention of Forbes, The Huffington Post, and even the curriculum of the Finger Lakes School Of Massage.

You may have to do some independent research to find out if any practices near you offer CBD-infused massage treatments. Regardless, if you like to learn about its efficacy over traditional massage practice, read on to learn more.

CBD Massages for Chronic Pain

According to a study by the American Massage Therapy Association, over 39 million Americans receive at least one massage annually, and around 53% of doctors consulted about massage have recommended it to their ailing patients. That being said, most clinical studies have painted a largely vague picture of massage therapies’ efficacy. While it has shown to be effective in the treatment of neck or back pain, very few research studies have been done on the varying effects of massage therapies, or if one particular method is superior to another.

On the contrary, numerous animal and human studies have been conducted on CBD’s use as a chronic pain management therapy. Each one has come to largely similar conclusions: CBD offers anti-inflammatory properties, cell modulation balancing, swell reduction, and analgesic pain-killing effects.

While massage therapy is more of a remedy than a cure, it can provide catharsis to pain sufferers without the side effects of many drugs. Combining the potential of massage with the proven success of CBD is only a logical one-two punch combo for relief.

The Endocannabinoid System

The jury isn’t 100% out on the research of CBD and massage therapy in tandem, but what researchers know so far looks highly promising. There is no one single “right” type of massage, but some acupuncture-like methods, like Shiatsu (Japanese for “finger pressure”), are more tailored to focus on concentrated targeted points in the body than others.

Likewise, there is no one singular “right” way to take CBD, but topical application can provide more concentrated, targeted relief over areas of the body. Topical CBD is capable of penetrating layers of skin pores for a direct, full-frontal assault on the unbalanced states that pain the body.

This works through a process called the “entourage effect”, where CBD stimulates the cannabinoid 1 & 2 receptors found in a bodily neurotransmitter network known as endocannabinoid system. Combining the deep penetration of topical application with the deep penetration of targeted pressure-point massage seems like the ultimate move toward deep relaxation.

Concentrated Relief with CBD

Once again, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to take CBD. Provided that you avoided purchasing a product from a dodgy, unreliable source, CBD can provide all manner of relief via oral, inhalation, sublingual, or topical consumption. A few drops of CBD oil held under the tongue will provide generalized relief in a short amount of time. Topical administration to the skin, through oils, creams, balms, lotions, will target the particular area(s) they have been applied to.

Topicals are great at implementing a concentration gradient. In other words, highly-concentrated cannabinoid molecules will be naturally inclined to expand, emanate heat, and gravitate toward the lower concentration areas surrounding the targeted application. By combining a topical rub with the trained hands of a masseuse, it can be the ultimate relief for those who suffer from chronic pain or other forms of physical distress.

Things to Consider

CBD poses no risk of dependency, psychoactivity, or fatal overdose. However, traces of the cannabinoid compound THC (the one which creates the psychoactive “high” of marijuana) may sometimes be found in CBD products, so always do research before you buy. Our CBD is THC-free, meaning you can take it and still be compliant on a drug screening.

Furthermore, if you have deep-vein thrombosis, healing wounds, bleeding or blood pressure disorders, you may want to consult your healthcare provider before trying massage therapy, as MT can exacerbate the symptoms of these conditions. Finally, before you make any big investments on a product or a service like a massage, always read reviews. Thoroughly evaluate your prospective purchase before choosing a CBD product or massage therapist, and always be sure that you’re going to a well-trained, experienced masseuse.

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  • I loved this! very informative and it does help! as a massage therapist i encourage my patients to bring in CBD oils to help their muscles

    joselyn adams on
  • I started using CBD in my everyday stretching routine and i loved it!

    Peter Davide on

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